Assisted move schemes are a growing option for retired people looking to downsize.  McCarthy & Stone recently reported that almost half of all pensioners are considering moving to a smaller home.  Increasingly older people are choosing either new build properties or sheltered accommodation as their downsizing option as it means they will have little or no decoration or maintenance for some years.

Spicerhaart Part Exchange and Assisted Move has seen a big increase in the past year of people using a property assisted move arrangement to help them to move, giving people the opportunity to sell their property quickly, with minimum hassle and cost.  


We typically work with the retirement home developer to help people to sell their existing properties so that they can purchase and move into a new one more quickly and easily.  We partner with a number of property investors, who guarantee to buy the retired person’s property – regardless of the condition of the property. There are no estate agency fees to pay and a guaranteed buyer; making it a quick, easy and painless way to downsize and move home.

While the person selling their property may receive less than were it to be sold on the open market, most people find that the amount they save on costs and the ease of the process makes this worthwhile.  In addition, at least one of our investment partners has pledged that, if, when the property is later sold on the open market, it receives more than the target price, they will return

Selling a house is often quoted as the second most stressful event in someone’s life after divorce, so it is no surprise that anything that makes this process easier is welcomed with open arms.  This is particularly the case with the older age group many of whom are less able to cope with the stresses and strains of negotiating with estate agents, potential buyers viewing their family home and the long drawn out process of offers that may then fall through.

An assisted move arrangement takes all that away from them, usually achieving exchange of contracts in just 28 days, providing a guaranteed sale and no estate agency costs.  This enables people to downsize both quickly and easily.

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