Paula Goodall, Part Exchange Manager at Barratt Homes, North Midlands says, “Having worked closely with Spicerhaart Part Exchange & Group Clients for the last few years, I know that when I have an enquiry, the team will get their valuers to move their diaries around to accommodate me. The team is very reliable and always delivers on its promises while ensuring a seamless sales process.

“The team’s contract chasing is excellent, they respond quickly regarding dates booked in, and I don’t need to chase my valuations or photographs which saves me so much time. Spicerhaart Part Exchange & Group Clients is undoubtedly in my top five estate agents that I work with on a regular basis.”

Sam Spacey, Part Exchange and Easymover Manager at Taylor Wimpey Yorkshire says, “The team at Spicerhaart Part Exchange & Group Clients is friendly and professional at all times and is always thorough, on time and reliable, particularly in terms of updating me. They are also very helpful in achieving targets and provide quick turnaround times when I require help with land appraisals. Also, their valuations are realistic, I very rarely have to chase for reports and having one point of contact for a variety of branches also helps to make my job that much easier.”

Lee Hinchcliffe, Part Exchange Manager at Harron Homes, North Midlands says, “I have worked with Spicerhaart Part Exchange & Group Clients in a number of different roles and locations. I continue to find them pragmatic, approachable, professional and efficient, and the team always excels. In addition, its sales performance is second to none in terms of how quickly properties are sold, as well as the value they get back for those units. In my experience, it is undoubtedly one of the top companies to work with in terms of service levels for part exchanges and sales assist.

“On average, at any one time I can have in excess of 100 homes on my book and, more often than not, Spicerhaart Part Exchange & Group Clients is involved in at least 40% of them. The team always gets the job done. I wouldn’t continually give them business if they didn’t perform and exceed expectations. I have worked with them for seven years now, and I have no plans to change that.”

Jamie Brook, Part Exchange Manager at Avant Homes, says, “Due to its in depth knowledge of the residential market and its fully managed service, the highly trained and approachable team handles enquiries efficiently and professionally and nothing is ever too much trouble for them.

“Its straightforward sales process, quick transaction timescales and its accurate turnaround of appraisals continue to exceed my expectations. After working with Spicerhaart Part Exchange & Group Clients since February 2016, I can honestly say it is one of the best-selling agents in the country. It also has the least amount of unsold properties thanks to its realistic valuations and unique approach to part exchange.”

Gary Roberts, Part Exchange Manager at Harron Homes (Yorkshire) says, “Jan and the team are very easy to work with and have always provided the best possible service while ensuring everything fits within my timescales.

“Everything is there when I need it. In fact, since working with the team since 2007, I have never had to chase any valuation reports and very rarely have to question them. The effective and dedicated team also deals with queries promptly and offers a wide ranging and comprehensive array of services, including comparisons and appraisals, as well as a smooth sales process.”

Carol Johnston, Part Exchange Manager at Bellway Homes (Wales), says, “I am responsible for buying in properties, so the speed in which we get the valuations done and the reports back is absolutely crucial. The team at Spicerhaart Part Exchange & Group Clients is very good at delivering on its promises, and the sales progression, the independent valuations, appraisals and comparisons are also exceptional.

“Unlike many of its competitors in the market, it has a central office. This is hugely beneficial as it helps to make my job easier, providing me with one point of contact who I speak with on a daily basis. It also has a broad and impressive range of offices covering extensive areas across the country. Therefore, if I require information regarding a particular property in another part of the country that I am in the process of buying in, I know I can rely on the team to assist me.”